+ The Day I Met Midnight +

by Ulmont Healy + Illustrated by Robert Meyers

The Day I Met Midnight illustration

The Day I Met Midnight was originally in the April 1956 issue of Reader's Digest. The story is included in an online bilingual Burmese-English Omnibus pdf of some of the stories from the anthology.

Ulmont Healy

Ulmont Healy was from Wisconsin, and before everything else, a horse lover. This led to him working as an actor in Westerns, and to northern France where he took care of horses during WWI.

He was director of the Duluth Playhouse for nine seasons. His daughter, Florence M. Healy French, was also an actor, mostly in theatre. There is an article by Healy's grandson online. When Pasadena was Hollywood offers great background about Healy and Midnight.

Robert Meyers

Robert William Meyers was born in New York City in 1919. He became a prolific illustrator working in the 1950s. He illustrated several western pieces for The Saturday Evening Post. He was inducted into Cowboy Artists of America in 1970. He showed his work at the Meadowlark Gallery in Billings, Montana; the gallery published a short book on him: Robert W. "Bob" Meyers, artist of the South Fork written by Marylee M. Moreland and Gary L. Temple. He died in South Fork, Wyoming, after a dispute with a neighbour, in 1970.

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