+ Annie Oakley of the Wild West +

by Walter Havighurst + Illustrations by DCG and Geoffrey Whittam

Annie Oakley illustration

There are not many girls or women in the Reader's Digest Junior Omnibus, and though that didn't matter so much to me when I was first reading the omnibus, I was excited by Annie Oakley partly because she was a girl like me. The story is fascinating but leaves out much of Oakley's life. It was first published as a book (with the same name) in 1954.

Walter Havighurst

Havighurst photoWalter Edwin Havighurst was born in Wisconsin in 1901 and became an English professor at several universities. He wrote many other books, including

  • Pier 17 (1935) (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize)
  • The Quiet Shore (1937)
  • The Upper Mississippi (1937)
  • The Winds of Spring (1940)
  • No Homeward Course (1940)
He was married to the poet Marion Bird. He died in 1994. Havighurst's euolgy was given by Phillip R Shriver and is online.

Annie Oakley illustration

Geoffrey Whittam

Geoffrey Whittam was born in Woolston, near Southampton, England, in 1916. He went to art school, served in the Royal Navy and worked in advertising. He became best known for his work illustrating seventeen books by Monica Edwards, but wrote books himself:

  • The Whale Hunters (1954)
  • Fur Hunting and Fur Farming (1957)
  • Lumbering in Canada (1957)
  • Farming on the Canadian Prairies (1959)
  • The Zambezi (1961)
  • The Rhine (1962)
  • Canals and Waterways (1968)

He died in 1983.


The full name of DCG, the illustrator of the main image, remains a mystery to me; if you can help, please write.

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